Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hello Emma cost?

We work on a commission basis (10%). In other words, you only pay when we make a sale for you.

How do you handle cancellations?

Any cancellations are handled through our Hello Emma Customer Success manager on a case by case basis. We refund any commission you might have paid in-line with your deposit refund policy.

How do you handle deposits?

We provide a deposit solution in case you haven’t automated that process yourself. If you have an existing solution in place then we adopt our process to fit your needs.

Do I need to pay for the chat software?

No, our service is all inclusive. We install, manage and update software at no additional charge to you.

Can you install the software for us?

Yes, we are happy to install the software for you free of charge.

Can I install the software myself?

Yes, it generally takes less than a minute and we provide detailed instructions.

What is the setup process like?

1. We do a Knowledge Base interview with you to learn as much about your business as we can. Our experience with a lot of kite schools around the world has allowed us to develop a standard interview which enables us to answer 95% of the questions that your customers will raise.
This interview usually takes around 30 minutes

2. We create an escalation channel that allows us to reach you and/or your employees in case we are unable to answer a question. Most of the time this is handled via WhatsApp. Every answer we receive via this channel is automatically added to our knowledge base about your company.

3. We install and test the software.

4. We go live.

How do you know how to answer questions about my business?

At Hello Emma we only work with industries that we are extremely passionate about. Because of this you will be working with active kitesurfers, we know and love the sport. This allows us to focus our Knowledge Base Interview (see “What is the setup process like”) on your business and what makes you unique.

We operate at multiple spots, is that a problem?

Each kite school is different in this regard. During our Knowledge Base interview (see “What is the setup process like”) we handle spot information and any logistics surrounding that.

What happens when you are unable to answer a question?

Whenever we are unable to answer a question we use the escalation channel that we have agreed upon with you. We inform the customer that we will look into the issue and get back to them as fast as possible.

Do you handle email as well?

Yes, depending on the agreement we have, we can provide email support and administrative follow ups.

Do you guarantee 24/7 support?

No we do not guarantee 24/7 support. That said, we only make money when we chat so we are hugely motivated to be online as much as possible. If, for whatever reason, we aren’t online, we remove the chat bubble from your site so your visitors are never confronted with one of those horrible “we’re not here right now” messages.

Can I see the chats you do for me?

Yes, as a Hello Emma customer you have access to a real time log file of all the chats we do for you. This log is central to our service as we use it collaboratively to consistently improve our service.

Still have questions left unanswered? Feel free to contact us at any time!

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